Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 24, 2009 Thanksgiving Eve

Today I started my second round of chemo. It went extremely well as they were able to use the new porto-cath. Piece of cake. As usual everyone was so nice and cheerful and actually made the day kind of fun. Reggie and April came with me. It is so nice to have people I love so much with me. It helps make me feel invincible.

Now for the best news...when they draw my blood they run a test that shows the markers of the tumor. When Dr. Ryan blew into my room like a tornado the first words he said, "Well, great news the markers have shrunken!" I knew immediately that that meant the tumor had shrunk!!!!!!!!!!! And what that tells me, my loyal soldiers, is that we are certainly doing some ASS KICKING! GOOD JOB EVERYBODY.

Tomorrow when I sit down to my dinner I will be most thankful for all the wonderful, supportive soldiers I have to help me fight this dreaded disease. I can not thank all of you enough for how you are lifting me up and carrying me forward with hope.

My love to all of you and have a very wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  1. I've been hearing those PacMen (PacPersons?) crunching away all the way from California! This is wonderful news. We are thankful today for YOU and all the love and joy you bring into our lives. See you soon! Much love, Jerry & Jerry (and Roxie!)

  2. Pat: I've been sending you all the positive energy I have. I'm so ecstatic to hear the glorious news. Keep up the wonderful work and we'll be planning the next trip to Kona before you know it!

  3. Hope you had a great turkey day! So happy to hear that wonderful news! xoxo Lynai

  4. Wow, That is great news. Very good timing for your Bahama's trip, now you can concentrate on having a great time.


  5. Pat, I have joined your army. Now we all have to keep marching forward. You're doing a great job. Love, B.

  6. Wow Pat, Branden just told me how to join so I can talk to you. I am a little slow. Just talked to him and I hope you guys have lots of fun the next few days. I already have my suitcases out for my trip to Boston to see you, Branden, and Jeff. I can't wait.
    Love and prayers to you,

  7. Chris you and your Mother are in my daily prayers. Here when you need to talk.