Monday, June 7, 2010

Combat Report June 7, 2010

To my most loyal of soldiers I have a field report for all of you. We have won a battle, but we did not win the war. What that all means is that the tumor did not shrink off the Hepatic Artery, so it could not be removed. What they did do is called an interoperative radiation protocol. They moved any and all organs that were in the way so that the radiologist could directly zap the tumor. Unfortunately, that was all that they could do. The next battle will be to go back on the chemochotherapy regime I was on October, November and December...three weeks on and two weeks off and this will continue throughout the year. I will continue to get various cat scans to determine if the cancer has spread anywhere. So as to quote,my son Jeff," the rest of this war will be a great big crap shoot!!!" You all know what that means... please, keep me in your thoughts and prayers whenever you can!

Lots of love,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tomorrow is the Day!!!

Well the evening has finally come that we have all been striving for. Surgery is tomorrow morning at 10 am. The day will start at 8am and then I hope they will give me the good drugs and I will be off to some peacefull and beautiful beach in Hawaii. I must say that I am somewhat anxious and can't wait for tomorrow to be over and I get to open my eyes and know that that is all behind us now.

Writing this blog has given me so much hope and courage to know that all of you wonderful and generous people have kept me close to your hearts and in your prayers. Walking in this journey can sometimes be a lonely place and then I would turn to my blog and read all of your comments and know that I was certainly not alone. I was loved!! I thank you for that.

Please keep me in your prayers tonight and tomorrow so that God will say,"Enough, already, I hear you, I hear you!!!

My graititude and love to you all, my special soldiers.