Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday, November 15 5:00 Am

Yesterday was an off day, but today seems to be starting out much better. I have been asked how you all can get these postings automatically as I post them and at the time I did't know because this was all still new to me too. Towards the bottom of the page it asks if you want to subscribe by email. If you click on that I believe you will receive them automatically. I have also enjoyed reading the comments that have been left. They certainly raise my spirits. I thought I could automatically respond to them, but you can't. Please know that I read them all and they make my day. I hope you all know how much this all means to me. I really don't feel like I am in this alone.

One round of Chemo down means we have one at least one battle so far. Let's keep this going. Porta cath will be put in on Thursday at 7am which will be a good thing. No more whiggling for veins!!!

Hope all have a wonderful Sunday and GO PATS!!!


  1. Thinking of you tomorrow mornng Trish, hoping all goes smoothly with the procedure! Love you,

  2. Great to hear from you! We also enjoy getting these updates from you. You wouldnt want to have to tell everyone the all details individually.
    Sorry we have not come by last week but Matthew was sick and then I was sick but we are all on the mend and we look forward to a visit!
    Lynai xoxox

  3. Pat, great site. Glad to hear that things were good yesterday.

    Chris mentioned that Jeff was taking you to warmer climates. I asked him how it feels to be the second favorite son.

    Have a great time down there, I'm pretty jealous.

  4. Hope this week will be better, including a nice holiday with your fabulous and caring sons and their families ( you know they learned from you!)
    Have had trouble navigating and posting, hoping to get a lesson from Lynai
    We must get together with our inter- generational pals soon , though they continue to complicate their schedules!
    Please know that the thoughts and support of all my family are always there.