Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week 1 Almost Done!!!

I thought I would let you know what the week has been like so far. The radiation has not been so bad. It takes two decades of the rosary and then they come in and say, “ok, all done.” The chemo…not so much! You would think in this day and age they could come up with a pump that can distribute the chemo that weighs less than 25lbs!!! Alright, I lied, it only weighs 5lbs, but when it is hanging off your chest wall it sure feels like 25lbs!
I am very excited about all the new soldiers in my army. It gives me such strength to know that there are all these good thoughts and prayers coming my way. You have no idea how much your comments mean to me, even if they sometimes make me cry. They are good tears because I am feeling the love and encouragement. Thank you all for that.
I met with Dr. Huong, who is the Oncology Chief of Radiation at MGH and he was very encouraging. He said that the tumor shrinking the way it has is very unusual, but then I am a little unusual! All of that is a very good sign for the radiation to make the tumor small enough for me to be able to have the Whipple surgery. It is funny how life can change your outlook on things so that you are excited about having a major surgery.
Hoping week two goes as well for we are back in the kicking-cancer’s-ass-business, and business is booming!!!


  1. Hi Pat! You are amazing and I know everyone's prayers and support can help you through this. This round of your treatments is tough but when Dr McDreamy flies out to do your Whipple surgery it will all be worth it. I'm following you in your march so keep us posted. Hope to see you Sunday! One more day this week-I'm praying for you! Hugs, Kim

  2. Pat,
    Brian and I have been thinking about you since we met you at church (with the other new members). You are in our prayers. We joined your blog, so look forward to marching alongside of you in your army.
    Melissa & Brian Smothers

  3. Sitting here on my couch praying for you today, Pat.

  4. You continue to be in my prayers Pat. Hang in there. You have a lot of strength, even if it is hard to see it at times. Take gentle care. If you need anything, please let me know!

  5. Way to go Tricia! YOu are amazing. Keep up the positive attitude, xo, catherine

  6. Hi Pat!
    Thanks for the post and sending shrinking energy your way! Thinking of you often. If you are feeling up to it, Jason and I would love to get together with you again. Lots of love, xo

  7. Pat, I love the way you put it--"when you are excited to have major surgery"--God sure does know how to change our perspective, yes?

    hope you are feeling ok today, and being very gentle and loving with your sweet body.

  8. Hi Pat, I figured you were having a harder week as I have not been able to get a hold of you lately! All the Morelli's ask about you often and constantly have you in their thoughts and prayers! Love to stop by for a quick visit this weekend! If you are up for it! XOXOXO

  9. Hi Pat! New members reporting to your spotty dotty blog. We're Nate and Tegan, your Arizona branch. We're St. Olaf alums who are connected to you through Jeff and Branden and feel veeeery lucky for the link. Our positive vibes constantly and more posts very soon!

  10. I keep hearing nothing but great news from you and about you!!
    I continue to hold you in the loving light and sending healing energy your way.
    You are in my thoughts!

  11. Pat, your positive use of humor is an inspiration. Please know that Aaron and I (and our cats & dog--who I believe might just have some magical healing powers in them...or else they are just up to no good--can't really tell ;)) are rooting for you from here in California.
    With love,