Thursday, February 25, 2010

And so it begins....

On Wednesday of this week I went to MGH to have yet another cat scan which thus meant also trying to drink what they call a vanilla smoothie that has nothing whatsoever to do with either vanilla or smooth!! However, the cat scan showed the tumor has shrunk just a little bit more. Yay! I then had to sign away the life that I am trying to save. Good grief, do they have to list every single thing that could happen?

I will be starting this coming Monday. I will go to the chemo center every Monday and be connected to a pump that will last till the following Monday. When I am all hooked up and have my designer bag (hah!!) attached, I go to radiation. I will have radiation every day at 1:15pm so think good thoughts. I am also entered into a brand new clinical trial that will add a pill to this whole mixture that they believe is very promising with the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Please know that I am very anxious to get this whole thing started. I am very sure and confident that this is the right thing for me to be doing. Please continue to keep me in your prayers or thoughts as I truly believe all of you are a big part of my success. It is so comforting to know that I am not alone in this journey.

Thank you all!!!



  1. Pat,

    You are going to beat this little monster!! We are all praying for you and keeping up with your progess... we will be here for Chris when he needs us most, take care and be strong!
    the LaMattina Family xoxoxo

  2. Hi, this is Tony. Your son Chris coached my sons Basketball and since then we have become friends. He has told me a little bit about your illness, but says taht you are determioned to overcome it!!!
    Please know that Waleska (my wife) and I are keeping you in our prayers. Taurus, your sign is an indication of strength! Have you ever seen a bullfight? And have you noticed how mighty those animals are! Likewise, I believe and I am told that you have what it takes to overcome this illness!

    Our best,
    Waleska, Tony, Joao Carlos and Toni

  3. YOU GO, Girl!!
    Today begins the next leg of your journey. I am holding you close in my thoughts and sending you all the love and light I can muster. Every day brings you closer to cure. I'm craving a "Lava Flow" by the pool!
    Can't wait to see you on Oprah, or Ellen or David Letterman as you champion for those who have no army behind them.

  4. Hi Pat,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and I know there is one nurse who is watching over you, keep the positivity,
    george, jill, nicholas and jordan morelli

  5. Tricia, I am finally on your blog! This does not mean I am not going to keep calling you so I can hear in your voice what is going on! You are very special,sister mine! I am so proud of how you are handling this new challenge in your life! We are all with you 100%!!!! Bless you! Connie

  6. Hi Tricia, How fitting that I finally got my profile on at 1:15 pm today. I don't think it was a coincidence... sending positive thoughts your way. Love you, Catherine

  7. Hi Tricia,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you always. Keep thinking happy healthy thoughts and know we are all here for you. You are so strong and really amazing at staying so positive. Love you, Martha and Jeff

    Brendan and Michela are still saying their special prayers for you each night--"God Bless Aunt Tricia"!!

  8. I just joined your army; I'm from First Church so first of all, welcome to First Church. I'm also a former Catholic (Irish) and this has been such a good decision. I hope it proves thus for you.

    I'm also a cancer survivor, although mine was definitely cancer lite. No chemo, no radiation, just surgery. So I don't know exactly what you are going through, but I do know what it feels like to get the diagnosis.

    My mother used to say, the nearer the fire, the stronger the steel. Very Irish! But I think it has an element of truth; we come out stronger for our challenges.

    I think you are going to feel pretty awful while you are going through chemo and radiation so I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. When I was just diagnosed, I remember feeling like all these hearts and arms were surrounding me, lifting and buffering me from so much. I send that feeling to you.

    Joan (Dolamore)

    P.S. Look forward to meeting you at First Church!

  9. You are a woman of tremendous courage!

    Pat, 24/7 chemo means 24/7 prayers! I think of St. Paul, saying, "pray without ceasing." In this season of Lent, when your body is going through so much, I hope you are doing all kinds of things to honor your beautiful body--hot bubble baths, pedicures, nice lotion--to give thanks to God for what it does and can do, and to feel better in your skin.

    much much love