Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Chemo for Christmas

Had Chemo today. It was a long day. April and I left the house at 8:45 and did not get home till 4:30. Everyone was running late today, but that is ok because everything went great. Saw Dr. Ryan and he seems quite pleased with my progress. I learned a little more today about what will becoming up next. If they find that through my cat scan that the tumor has shrunk and that could mean even a little, then I will be eligible for the next phase. It doesn't sound that great but it will mean that my little pac man will still be working hard. All we have to worry about is that the tumor did not grow. All things point to that not being a possibility. Soooo the next step will be chemo through a pump Monday - Friday 24 hrs a day and radiation every day. They warned me that this will tough, but a litle pain will be worth all the gain. (ok it is late and I am tired) I will need your thoughts, prayers and love to kick into overdrive then, because I don't intend to be a matyr with this stage!!!

Please be assured I am strong and confident about this next phase.

I will wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year now because my wonderful Jerry's are coming in this Tuesday and celebrating Christmas and New Year's Eve with me. How terrific is that! Next Chemo Wednesday, December 30th.

My love and best wishes to you all!



  1. You couldn't ask for a better gift than encouraging news at an oncologists visit! I am so excited about your continuing good news. I am as confident as you are that the good news will continue to come your way. Gotta LOVE those Pacmen!!
    You are on my Reiki energy list and I have shared your cause with many of my fellow Masters. Know that all the power of the universe is connected and focused on your healing. You lucky girl!!
    Enjoy your time with the Jerry's... Hope the weather doesn't put any kinks in the plans.
    Sending you love and light...always..

  2. I talked with Chris @ Lisa's and he told me how to find you. Your blog is wonderful. You & the Jerrys must be in full swing now. Keep on keepin' on. T/of/you Jan